Third world country Appalachia

We dont have to travel to different countries to encounter need. Discounted health care and Americas recent Affordable Care Act isnt reaching everyone is not the answer. These Nurse Practitioners are bringing hope to people, traveling to the need themselves. We need help, the need is vast, as nurse practitioners the platform to serve the needy is endless.

which do you prefer?


We are noise makers, nurse practitioners around the country are invading the primary care setting. How does the community feel about it? How do you feel about it? Where is the resistance? Georgia Southern University conducted a quantitative study where they formulated multiple hypothesis questions about the thoughts of the community as far as their primary care provider.

Do people prefer a medical doctor verses a nurse practitioner for medical issues and does age affect their preference?

Are people informed about the role of a nurse practitioners to choose them as their primary health providers?

There were 244 participants in the study of varying ages, after collecting their demographics Georgia Southern educated them on the roles of each practitioner to fill the gaps and answer their questions. At the conclusion of the study the following results were published.

The conclusion to the study was that nobody preferred a medical doctor over a nurse practitioner, the population wants more information on the roles an responsibilities of a nurse practitioner and the baby boomer population is greatly in need of nurse practitioners. More and more nurses are pursuing this role of further education and its a positive response that the community is not reluctant in embracing.