Choose your heart effects


Heart failure is a serious issue, and the drugs prescribed are serious drugs. Dr. Stephen Sinatra a cardiologist promoting natural treatments for Congested Heart Failure narrows it down to four different supplements whose side effects are much more attractive than the American standards for heart failure.

The American Heart association describes heart failure as the inability of your heart to keep up with the normal work load (2015, AHA). The well known symptoms of fatigue, breathing difficulty and constant tachycardia are from the heart exuding the rest of the body to compensate. In the mean time your heart begins to enlarge from working so hard, developing more muscle mass from excess pumping while at the same time filling with fluid because the world load is too much.


Recent studies on the enzyme CoQ10 have not only raved about it’s cardiovascular benefits but its affects towards every cell in the body. Here we will focus on its affects on the heart and how it energy production to the cells in the heart has been beneficial.

Hawthorne Berries are marvelous as they normalize rhythm, dilate arteries and help lower blood pressure. creating an ideal picture for a patient suffering from heart failure.

L-canitine and L-arginine Amino Acids are known as energy providers. The fatigued feeling from an over worked heart will thank the amino acids for giving the extra push.

And last but not least: Levadopa is known for strengthening the muscle. The strengthened muscle will potentially decrease the risk of a hypertrophied heart one that gets too big for its own good.

As educated individuals we must do our research because anything we put into our bodies has the potential for an adverse effect. Lets do our best to be educated on what we put into our bodies and as consumers who do whats best for us.



Millions of people are diagnosed with Idiopathic thrombocytopenia every day. Some young, some old, some acute and others more chronicly, regardless it affects the quality of life patients have and more people should understand the process of what this disease looks like and how it affects those living closely in the world around them.