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One of my passions is helping people in other countries. These posts relate to my mission trips and medical missions in general.

Nursing Student Mission Trip – Nicaragua 2011

The spring of my junior year of college I co-lead a medical mission to Nicaragua. A group of 8 girls in nursing school who committed to serving the people of Nicaragua in both mind and spirit. We went out to nursing homes and helped bathe, feed, and dance with the geriatric population as they communicated with our team through translators and motion signs. Some of the lasting lessons that we learned on this trip was that humans are more than a diagnosis. They are more than the medications they consume, the lab values that are reported on a computer and definitely more than we could ever really truly understand from and pathology book. This trip helped discover how as nurses our scope of patients is much larger than what nursing school ever led you to believe. As a team, it was marvelous to makes these discoveries together.


Nursing Student Mission Trip – Guatemala 2012

The spring semester of my senior year of college I decided to be bold enough to lead a medical mission to Guatemala. We were used in the AIDS clinic, assisted in the maternity ward, helped stich in the emergency room, learned what isolation rooms for respiratory conditions are in third world countries. We also did a lot of teaching in the villages. Teaching about a balanced diet for expecting mothers, and hand washing in the schools of children. It was my honor to translate these lessons from English to Spanish as my wonderful teammates developed skits and lessons.


India Mission Trip 2014


In the spring of 2014, I traveled to the colorful country of India. It was my privilege to assist on a medical mission where we paired up with doctors in villages where we conducted vitals screenings and administered vitamin B12 shots to individuals across the life span in order to boost their immune system and allow the nervous system to benefit from the B-vitamins. Various antibiotics were supplied to those suffering from infections, as a nurse I was privileged enough to assist the doctors in their assessment and diagnostic skills to the Indian people in need. Fortunately this medical mission was also an evangelical mission where the gospel of Jesus Christ was preached and not only as medial providers were we able to provide for this community’s earthly needs but for their spiritual needs through prayer and healing as well.