Sixteen-year-old John Doe enters the emergency room completely naked requires immediate attention for their psychosis. This is an adult emergency room and the patient must be transferred for their dehydration/renal disparities to the neighboring hospital. The neighboring hospital staff is hesitant to accept for they are not a psych facility and it is not in the best interest for this patient to be received by this facility. Supervisors are called and the plan of care is discussed the CEO accepts the patient wants them to get hydrated and then transferred to the psych facility.

This readers is called FRAGMENTATION in our health care system, health care is a business and the evidence is loud and clear for the patients are not receiving the care they need. “Fragmentation or looking at a problem from a narrow perspective leads to concerning issues that can cost a persons life. Underlying the current healthcare failings is a critical under appreciated problem: fragmentation—focusing and acting on the parts without adequately appreciating their relation to the evolving whole. This unbalance, this brokenness, is at the root of the more obvious healthcare crises of unsustainable cost increases, poor quality, and inequality. Fragmentation is at the heart of the ineffectiveness of our increasingly frantic efforts to nurture improvement.”


The answer? Looking at the person as a whole, going as far as to having a relationship with the person and knowing what their about in order to understand their sufferings. We have moved far from knowing and loving the person and too much into how do I make money from this person’s health and vulnerable state. There is far to much detachment and isolation where there was once a relationship and care. Personally I believe its an integrity issue, we need to pray for a solution.

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