Nitropaste on nitropaste on nitropaste?


Chest pain in the hospital is the recipe for nitro paste. We were going through the morning medications and as our nurse applied a new paste on grandmas chest we remembered that when we had washed her up there was a one on her right leg that wasn’t removed. The nurse became embarrassed and lashed out in anger that someone had done that. We started searching grandmas body after that and found one more strip of nitroglycerin on her left leg. We came to the conclusion we would all assess the situation we had on our hands in order for grandma to be safe from then on.¬†f23fd03e-ba6b-4a2b-b362-6a41690b45ca-04

Medical errors are a real thing, “To err is to human” we need to take that perspective as we think about the hospital. Nobody is without error. Being vigilant when your loved one is in the hospital is essential for the accountability to make sure nurses and doctors are focused.

Nitroglycerine is given for chest pain, it dilates your arteries in order for you to have the increased blood flow. It has a killer headache side effect ¬†thats invigorated times a hundred with 3 nitroglycerine pastes at once, just saying. Being a nurse and knowing the difficult, highly stressed environment take this advice Never trust too much, never not ask a question, stay vigilant it’s good practice for all of us.

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