Use the breast

Breast Feeding is one of the joys of motherhood, society has rumored often about how breast feeding should be done less often instead of more frequently. Lets be honest breast feeding should be for at least the first 6 months and up to 2 years of age. Lets remain informed and enjoy this lovely season of life, because the baby will only be that precious gentle infant for so long. Breast feeding not only assists with immunity, mother baby bonding but can also save you lots of money. You and your family will know the best options for you but here are some facts to live by.
What to NOT TO DO during breastfeeding?
-Receive the small pox, and yellow fever vaccine
-Mother is receiving chemotherapy/radiation
-Avoid stress, relax, remain active
– If you have conditions such as HIV, TB breastfeeding should be avoided, but conditions such as a cold, flu, diarrhea will help the baby build antibodies as they ingest the breast milk.
What you should DO while breastfeeding?
-Drink plenty of fluids
-Limit sugars
-Limit caffeine to 1-2 cups a day
– Eat a well balanced diet
-Track how often and for how long the baby is feeding

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